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Jennifer Ann
  • Jennifer Ann

    : Jennifer Ann

    Born in the USA (1984, Jacksonville, Arkansas) and raised in The Netherlands, Jennifer Ann has always been searching for the magical unknown. Through the art of theatre she became aware that we are spiritual beings, having a human experience on earth. ‚ÄčRealizing this, she started to move more towards different spiritual teachings. Over the past ten years she has been educating herself in Shamanism, Yoga, Buddhism and more. During her first yoga training she discovered the art of mantra singing and how sound can bring profound healing. Now she is researching and building bridges between traditional mantra music (India), western music and shamanic chants (South- and North America). With her soulful voice and blending of rhythms and instruments she is rediscovering the path of the ancestors, bringing this sacred knowledge back to life, while building…

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