Somassage - Shamanistische sound-healing Marma punt en deep tissue massage

Returning to Nature is the way to experience the 'oneness' that you are an embodyment of. It takes less practice of will like excercises, it needs more allowing yourself to become soft and receptive. My years of practice and immersion into Yogic and Shamanic experience has lead me to embrace 'wholistic' energy work, that ranges from Ayurvedic diet to working with sacred Amazonian herbs, from Vedic chanting to Shamanic energy song, from Therapeutic Yoga to deep tissue massage and more energetic touch. Music and sound are one of the most powerful tools that are given to us to connect the inner- to the outer world, so that we may experience them as one and the same. Not theoretically but actually. Al, it takes is just a little leap into your awareness in deep relaxation. This is what Somassages aim to support you in.

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  • Mo Namathi Stipsen

    Jarenlange purificatie dmv Yoga heeft mijn kanalen voldoende geopend om met subtiele energie te werken. Ik maak gebruik van geluid en zang en m'n kennis van Yoga en Ayurveda. Daarnaast ben ik jarenlang onderwezen door mijn partner, een krachtige energie heler uit Colombia, die mij haar energie op afstand meegeeft wanneer ik daarom vraag.

    Years of purification by ways of practicing Yoga has cleared up my channels sufficiently enough to be working with subtle energies. I use sound and song and my knowledge of Yoga and Ayurveda. Besides that, I've been instructed for years by my partner, a powerful energy healer from Colombia, who allows me to work with her fields at a distance.

    Balance & Support: Somassage - Shamanistische sound-healing Marma punt en deep tissue massage

    Somassage is een combinatie van Shamanistische sound-healing en aanraking. Dit kan deep tissue massage of Marma drukpunten aanraking zijn of een combinatie daarvan, al naar gelang de wens is.

    Somassage is a combination of Shamanic sound-healing and touch. This can be deep tissue or Marma point touch or a combination thereof, according to needs and wishes.

    Neem Mee: bring a blanket and a pillow if you feel like you need something extra.

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